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Messages from your Benefits Team

Meridian Tuition Assistance Hotline: 1-800-374-5968

Meridian team members have two Tuition Assistance options:

Tuition Advancement Voucher or Tuition Reimbursement

-The Tuition Advancement Voucher option gives funds in the form of a voucher to assist in paying your tuition before the start of classes.  This is provided after you apply and receive approval for the class.  This option allows payment to school directly.

-The Tuition Reimbursement option, which after applying and gaining approval before the start of classes, would reimburse funds after you hand in grades at the end of the term.  Please note that reimbursement is at the end of the term.

College/University Partnerships- Drexel University, New England College of Business, New Jersey City University, Stockton College, Thomas Edison, Centenary College and Walden University offer Meridian Health team members discounts on tuition.

Additional Financial Assistance- Healthcare Pathway Opportunity Grant (HPOG)- this grant is a federally funded, need based grant at Meridian Health that supports healthcare related fields of study.  For further information, please contact the Healthcare Pathway Opportunity Grant office at 732-776-4099.

Additional Financial Assistance-Information on nursing scholarships can be found on the Meridian Health intranet under Resources- Nursing or by calling the Ann May Center at 732-481-8570.

Tuition applications require the following information: student ID number, team member number,  degree type and major program of study, school/educational institution name, course start and end date, course number, name and credit hours, mode of delivery (e.g. online or traditional classroom), total tuition cost per course, and estimated total financial aid from all sources.

Please note that your User Identification is your team member number.  You can find your team member number in the upper middle portion of your paycheck.  You can also obtain your team member number by contacting your leader or your local Human Resources department.

The temporary password is your home zip code.  Upon first log-in, you will prompted to create a new, unique password.

The Meridian Health Tuition Assistance Program runs on a calendar year of January 1- December 31.

Lastly, please do not pre-pay for school.  Our tuition policy and process requires team members to apply and gain approval first.